to capture a story of  a  lifetime.

one of a kind web portfolio for an award-winning photographer.


the mission

John came to me with an idea to redesign his portfolio. Once I started tossing ideas around, we quickly came up with a simple concept that supported the unique look of his photography. We came up with a time saver tool called Lightbox, a “shopping” experience for a potential client, to pick and choose photos they wanted to recreate for their own shoots.


goals & isnights

Majority of a portfolio websites focus too much on eccentric and exotic presentation of the photographer's work. I believe that design needs to be functional first. We came up with the list of goals and limitations:

don't overcomplicate the presentation

Clients come to John's website in search for something specific.

use his minimalistic style

Instead of redesigning John's identity, we embraced it.

simplify the process

Clients very often send him a bunch of links of his previous photos. That get's very tedious to control very quickly.



If you are looking for a specific style or a project, you can now search by category, or see things from birds point of view via quick view.


quick view

This option, provides customers with the full spectrum of albums currently on the site. If you’re not sure what you are looking for, this is a great way to browse.



When I was designing the new site, we wanted to set the focus on the client’s needs. I created the “lightbox”, a way for a customer to quickly add the photos they need in one spot that is easily shared and printed.



John's new website launched in May of 2017. One year after the launch, key indicators increased:

monthly visitors increased by 46%

decreased bounce rate by 20%