The only truck website that pays you to fish.

I've worked with Brothers & Company to come up with a fresh and robust design for the website of an exclusive offer.


Project Mission

Toyota Trucks Bonus Bucks is a program for Toyota truck owners to redeem payouts, simply by owning a Toyota truck and sharing the love for professional or recreational fishing. Toyota asked us to entice people to sign up for the program through updated visuals, promote upcoming events and new college rewards program and make it mobile and easy to use.


The Design

I design concepts and design mockups for Toyota Trucks Bonus Bucks to be correctly built, just like any other building needs a blueprint to be built properly.


Bringing it all together

Mobile users are accounting for more than 55% of devices and continue to stay in the lead when it comes to browsing the internet. I accounted for that with a beautiful website that’s easy to navigate and works great on any device: desktop, tablet, and mobile.



The website was launched in April of 2017 and is still being used by thousands of anglers to redeem rewards today.